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Corporate Governance

  • Entity formation. If you are just starting a business, make sure you choose the right business entity (limited liability company, corporation, partnership) and the right state to form your entity in before you get started. Making the right decision ahead of time is crucial to protecting your personal and business assets.
  • Business Documents.  Once your company is formed and registered with the appropriate state, you’ll need governing documents for your business. These documents are Operating Agreements, By-laws, or Partnership Agreements, depending on your type of business. These documents don’t need to be overly complex, but they need to be accurate and thorough as they are relied upon by banks and business partners.
  • Annual filings. Each year companies need to maintain their corporate books and make additional filings with their state of registration.  Failure to stay on top of this can have significant legal consequences.  Let me stay on top of this routine, but often overlooked, formality for you.
  • Registered Agent. Each business is required to maintain a Registered Agent address with the state in which it does business.  A Registered Agent is required in order that the public knows where to serve legal papers for your business. You can be your own Registered Agent, but you leave yourself open to having process servers interrupt your business to serve you with legal papers such as lawsuits or garnishment orders.  I can serve as your Registered Agent in Florida so  your customers or employees aren’t disrupted with process servers.

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