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Business Law

  • Contracts. Don’t be out-negotiated or fall prey to adverse contract clauses that can cost you money down the road.   Contracts are important legally binding agreements, which govern the relationship between two parties.  Make sure you are protected and negotiate a fair deal whether it is an employment contract, service agreement, or contract for goods.
  • Leases. If your business model requires a brick and mortar space, you’ll need to buy or lease office or warehouse space.  Leases are often for long periods of time and can have very strong clauses that are favorable to a landlord. Make sure you understand your lease provisions fully and are protected as much as possible.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions.  One of the great excitements for  you as an entrepreneur will be to  acquire another business or to benefit from the sale of the business you built and grew. Whether you are involved in an  equity purchase or asset purchase as a buyer or seller, don’t lose crucial value in complex business terms.
  • General Counsel Services. Start-ups and small businesses usually don’t have the resources or need for a full time attorney.  Just because your business may be small doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be equipped to handle routine legal matters or you shouldn’t be fully equipped to handle  a legal crisis when it happens (and it will happen). Ask me how I can provide you General Counsel services without the cost of hiring a full-time attorney or paying big law firm prices.
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