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Eric Masson

“Principled Values and Sound Judgment” I pride myself on my platform of “Principled Values and Sound Judgment”.

Integrity, hard work, and respect are the principled values I rely on each day. I also believe that each business decision demands Sound Judgment. Legal guidance from me will be based on applicable law, current facts and tempered with varying degrees of risk. I am a retired Coast Guard officer and seasoned legal executive with over a decade of legal experience developing innovative, risk-based solutions for some of the most complex legal situations. As a Coast Guard officer my career consisted of tours in counter-drug/counter-migrant operations, international training, finance, and law. As a judge advocate I worked to represent sailors, marines, and Coast Guardsmen in special and general court-martials, administrative separation boards, and security clearance boards. I also served as a trial counsel (prosecutor), a military judge, and advisor to special and general court-martial convening authorities. Since retiring from Coast Guard service, I have served as General Counsel to a national company in the health care industry. I provide legal oversight and management of all legal issues including, but not limited to contracts, governance, strategy, and litigation.


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My goal is to protect your rights and best interests. If that means taking a case through trial, I am ready.

This country was built on the backs of service members and entrepreneurs. As a former Coast Guard officer and an experienced business attorney I appreciate and understand the sometimes overwhelming obstacles faced by service members and entrepreneurs.  Legal issues don’t have to be overwhelming.   I’m here to help.

Legal answers are often not black and white.  They are fact specific and each carries different amounts of risk.  I work hard to understand your needs, your objectives, your risk tolerance and even your business. Then I craft my legal advice with a variety of options for your ultimate decision. Too many lawyers believe their answer is the only answer.  I disagree. Many legal problems have multiple solutions. I am here to educate you on the law and to provide you simple solutions and alternatives so you can make the best, informed decision. I’m here to guide and help you through the whole process.

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